Center for World Conflict and Peace

Center for World Conflict and Peace

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Update on the Referendum

I just heard on the afternoon news that the process of counting the vote is still going on and it might take another day to announce the results. I know that in my neighborhood of Zamalek the result was 81.5% NO. My friends from the Populace Committee worked hard all day helping the judges monitor the voting location, escorting the elderly and helping the judges count the votes.

It looks like most of the rural areas have voted "Yes," while most of the elite areas have voted "NO." Regardless of the results of the vote, it was great seeing the Egyptian people being so enthusiastic about participating in the voting process, knowing that every vote counts and that their participation has a great impact. It is a great step towards democracy. I also think whoever our New President is going to be, he will definitely have to work on drafting a new constitution.

As I am writing this message, there is an update from ONTV news: 60-65% of the overall vote seems to be "Yes." The final results will be out tonight!

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