Center for World Conflict and Peace

Center for World Conflict and Peace

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Reaction to This Week's Events in Egypt

The counter revolutionaries may have succeeded in creating a battle Tuesday night that turned the people against the police and government once again, but they haven't won their war against the revolution and the reformists. The incidents, which included street battles and violence in Tahrir Square that resulted in over 1000 casualties, was likely reaction to this week's court decision to dissolve the local councils (el Magalis El Ma7alleyya) that employed remnants of the old regime.

Some Egyptians perceive that the events were orchestrated by former and current government heads that are still loyal to the old regime. Tuesday's events at the Balloon Theater was a perfect opportunity for those who want to cause chaos and instability to the country, a great chance to turn the people against the police after the relationship between the citizens and the police was slowly being rectified in many areas around the country.

I am all for pressuring the government to compensate the families of the revolutionary martyrs and to conduct speedy and transparent trials for the Mubaraks, other former regime leaders and corrupt businessmen. But more importantly, those who were accused of killing the martyrs and injuring the protesters should get their punishment first. I also believe that the trials should be fair, where each of the accused should get an equal punishment to fit his or her crimes. Nothing more and nothing less.

I also believe former President Hosni Mubarak should be transferred to Torra Jail Hospital. His stay in Sharm El Sheikh is very provocative. It has killed tourism in the city, turning it into a ghost town, based on my sources. If the authorities think that Torra's Jail Hospital is inappropriate for Mubarak, then it is for definitely inappropriate for any other human being. In that case, how about fixing it and fixing all hospitals around the country and treating every Egyptian patient with dignity and conscience?

People need to use their heads wisely and act peacefully to accomplish all of our demands for freedom and democracy. Corruption needs to be eradicated without violence, clashes or chaos, but rather through peaceful and legal negotiations between the leaders of the revolution and the government. Anger and violent clashes will take us nowhere. Enough is enough!

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